Jesse Ketchum Park

This 1.2-hectare park at Bay and  Davenport was named for the Canadian politician Jesse Ketchum, a philanthropist who gave many of his personal properties to schools and churches including the land for the adjacent public school bearing his name.  Located at this busy intersection Jesse Ketchum Park is in need of an upgrade. ABCRA has presented plans to the Toronto District School Board to incorporate some of its lands to make a larger park and for much needed improvements which will perhaps include a dog run and play space for the growing number of residents of the condominiums that have been recently built and being planned in the area.

We had hoped that new plans for Jesse Ketchum Park would be coordinated with the 2013 redevelopment of the Bay-Davenport intersection but it seems low on the City's priorities.  ABCRA continues to persevere with the School Board and the City.