Macpherson Parking

Thanks to a committee of representatives from both sides of the street that reviewed the old Macpherson Avenue parking regime and designed the new one, Macpherson residents do not have to run out every second Sunday night at midnight to move their parked cars across the street.  The process to come up with a new regime was not easy as many people on the street preferred the parking to be on one side only. The new regime maintains the street tradition of shared parking but significantly reduces the number of times the parking shifts sides.

The committee tried to accommodate all relevant factors in the new design:
the parking is on the north side where there are fewer spots during the summer when many people are away and it is easier for people to walk further and on the south side during the winter months where there are more spots and when people are less amenable to parking further away;
the changeovers are timed as much as possible to allow for spring and fall cleaning and maintenance; 
the parking permits do not guarantee people parking in front of their house or even on their street – just within the E5 neighbourhood – and there are more permits available than are sold.