Scollard & Hazelton

The two-way portion of Scollard has been extended to include the driveway of the 80 and 100 Yorkville condo–townhouse complex for a trial period of one-year. The change is intended to divert heavy truck traffic emanating from the complex from the tiny heritage street of Hazelton. Trucks and all kinds of service and emergency vehicles can now make a quick exit onto the major arterial road of Bay Street rather than winding through and clogging up the already gridlocked narrow streets of the neighbourhood.

Similarly the two-way portion of Hazelton has been extended to include the construction site at 36 Hazelton so that those heavy trucks can exit south onto Yorkville rather than lumbering up Hazelton rattling the windows and shaking the foundations of every heritage house on the street.

Both of these changes have necessitated the removal of permit parking spaces which is always contentious, but the changes were possible as the permits are neighbourhood permits rather than street permits and the permits available were not sold out.