Ford Government wants to weaken the provincial Planning Policy Framework. Now everyone is asking why?

On April 6, 2023, and again on June 16, the Province proposed more destructive changes to provincial planning laws.

The Alliance for a Livable Ontario (ALO), based on a comprehensive review by expert planning advisors, concluded that:

  • if implemented, the proposed changes will turbocharge sprawl and fatally harm Ontario’s agricultural sector and environment.

And these concerns are not just from a rural perspective.

According to the May 17, 2023 planning report from the City of Toronto…”wholesale changes to the regional planning system are not needed, as proposed in the draft Provincial Planning Statement.”

  • “The nature of the changes proposed replace predictability and integrated land use, infrastructure and resource management planning with retrograde policy directions that favour flexibility for one-off decision-making and land use speculation”

And the Federation of North Toronto Residents’Associations(FoNTRA) in its submission filed with the Province stated that:

  • “FoNTRA’s report concludes that the proposed Provincial Planning Statement (PPS) and the simultaneous repeal of the Growth Plan for the Golden Horseshoe should not proceed since these initiatives are not only harmful but also entirely unnecessary.”

Find out more about the proposed Provincial Planning Statement and the changes it makes to the planning system.

Photo: Paddy Duncan ©2022

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