Eye-popping 11-storey tower proposed for site of historic Toronto homes

A row of homes dating back almost 125 years could be transformed by an impressive 11-storey tower, if a new development application is approved by the city. Not surprisingly, local residents have questions about the growing intensity in a quiet section of one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods where a number of proposals to increase density are piling up.

The Annex neighbourhood’s historical significance to Toronto’s urban tapestry is undeniable. The “Annex Style” architecture, a unique blend of Queen Anne and Romanesque Revival, is a testament to the Victorian grandeur that once dominated the city’s aesthetic. 

The 171 Lowther Ave. site, erected between 1901 and 1902, showcases an elaborate “heritage wall” that reflects the craftsmanship of its era. The proposed new development includes a total of 64 residential units. The ground floor is designed to accommodate three grade-related three-bedroom units spanning two storeys. In addition, the podium incorporates the adaptive reuse of the existing heritage house at 171 Lowther Ave., transforming it into a residential unit.

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