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ABCRA Board Meeting 2013 June

Minutes from

ABCRA Meeting

June 13, 2013

Belmont House


John Caliendo (Co-President), Ian Carmichael (Co-President), Dianne Robinson (Treasurer), Diane Dyer (City Liaison), Mary Helen Spence (Parks and Planning), Frank Copping, Judith Orban, Lianne Miller, Liis Palmer, Sam Vise, Tracy Warne, Jane Ormiston, Genessa Radke (Bike 27), Sian Henck, Donna Lacavera (Traffic and Acting Secretary)

1.  Agenda

Motion: The agenda be adopted as amended, with Tracy Warne's report on insurance moved to the end of the agenda.

Moved by: Jane Ormiston

Seconded by: Leanne Miller

Disposition: Carried

2. Minutes

The minutes from the May 9, 2013 meeting be adopted as circulated.

Moved by: Ian Carmichael

Seconded by: Jane Ormistan

Disposition: Carried

3. Treasurer's Report - Dianne Robinson

The Treasurer received an accounting of the cheques which were distributed in May in her absence for work in progress. She noted that in the past she has outlined the procedures to be followed for expenditures and cheques, and will bring a written report on the procedures to the next meeting so that they may be officially included in the minutes.

4. City Liaison - Diane Dyer

Diane reported on the Planning and Growth Committee May 16 meeting concerning third party signs. Titan indicated it would withdraw its lawsuit against the city conditional on being allowed to maintain its 19 illegal signs. The city's agreement sets a dangerous precedent as it rewards non-compliance. When the new sign by-law was passed, the Astral Media representative noted his company took down its illegal signs, but Titan did not and is now profiting from having ignored the by-law. Other sign companies are sure to follow suit and demand comparable licensing concessions.

She also reported on the CORRA meeting May 25. The next CORRA meeting will be in the fall and the AGM has been transferred to the fall. Reports are that the Casino issue is not dead. Councillors voted against it because it was sure to lose at this time, but indications are that it will resurface in the future.

ABCRA Meeting June13, 2013

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5. Traffic - Donna Lacavera

Roxborough: Members of the Roxbourough subcommittee, Sam Vise and Liis Palmer, gave an update on their progress. Sam has developed a web site and print materials for the neighbourhood traffic calming initiative. The neighbourhood is being canvassed to collect support before a July 24 meeting with Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam. 

Pusateri's Lay-By: At the last council meeting the city approved the removal of the lay-by. The work on the reconfiguration of the Bay-Davenport intersection and the revitalization of neighbouring streets can now proceed according to city plans that had been finalized after several meetings of all relevant city departments including TTC, cycling, urban planning, works and after the public consultation at the Reference Library last fall. The valet service is going to be relocated to Genoa Street, essentially behind Pusateri's rather than in front of it. Valets have always brought the cars around Genoa to access the underground parking lot and now customers will take their cars directly there. No doubt there will be more congestion on Genoa, but the city is removing all lay-bys across the city as they have proven to be dangerous.

6. Planning and Development - John Caliendo and Mary Helen Spence

ABC Planning Initiative: Mary Helen reported that work is proceeding on the ABC planning initiative for the ABCRA neighbourhood.  ABC has hired a professional planner Scott Burns and urban designer Michael Spaziani to create ABC's part of the plan.  The ABC plan is being written to dovetail with a plan the BIA has in progress for its overlapping commercial area. The combined work will result in a unified plan covering the area from Bloor to the CPR tracks that can be enacted as official plan and zoning amendments. There has been one public consultation thus far at which ABC was well represented. The next public consultation will be in the fall. A strong presence and continuing support by ABC members will be essential to getting the Councillor and city to shepherd the plan into law.

181 Davenport: The development is going before TEYCC next month and ABC has already indicated its support for the development.

89 Avenue Road: The OMB pre-hearing is June 28. ABC has been supporting the opposition, specifically the residents of 77 and 99 Avenue Road and the residents of Hazelton Avenue, and will continue to do so at the pre-hearing.

Webster: There is a new application for the site, more than double in size from what was previously approved by the OMB.

ESSO Station: There is a plan just being formulated for the site and the Councillor recommended that the developer consult with ABC from the outset rather than proceeding unilaterally and ending up with objections from the community.

Minutes from ABCRA Meeting June 13, 2013

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Masonic Lodge: The building has been purchased by a high tech firm from London, Ontario that intends to preserve the interior and exterior heritage elements as it adds three stories and turns it into an office.

50 Cumberland: The individual site has been redesigned with the parking lot moved to the interior of the building from the exterior. The city called all neighbouring landowners together to try to get an integrated design for the whole area from Yonge to Bay and 

Bloor to Yorkville that integrates underground and aboveground walkways and creates a north-south mid-block connection that focuses on the Yorkville Fire Station clock 

tower. The city is interested in linear parks and an animated streetscape for both the indoor and outdoor public realm for the whole area and seems to be trying to salvage some public benefit out of the Yorkville area lost to skyscrapers.

102-104 Yorkville: The building has been recently renovated and the walkway on the east side leading to the TPA is much improved. It now looks like an animated and inviting laneway and is the kind of midblock connection between Scollard and Yorkville that is typical of Yorkville and worth preserving. 

Ridpath's: The owner has appealed to the OMB on the grounds of the city's failure to act within the required timelines. Dianne Robinson will contact the city for an update.

7. Parks - Mary Helen Spence

Mary Helen reported she presented the ABC Ramsden Park Plan to the Yonge BIA, who were very receptive to it. Going forward she will continue to encourage their support for the plan.

Mary Helen is framing a copy of the plan to give to Shirley Morriss at the AGM. Those present signed the matte with greetings to Shirley on her retirement from ABC after decades of service.

The city is conducting a survey on opening parks to general use by off leash dogs during specific hours. It may not affect Ramsden as it will not affect parks that have off leash areas. Nevertheless, the move would definitely harm the parks.

Motion: For Mary Helen to write a letter on behalf of ABCRA to the Councillor indicating that ABCRA does not support off leash hours across entire public parks and also that ABCRA would like all new development projects to be required to make provisions for on site "dog comfort stations" and also for posts with waste bags and a special waste receptacles be added to dog off leash areas in parks.

Moved: Leanne Miller

Seconded: Tracy Warne

Disposition: Carried

Minutes from ABCRA Meeting June 13, 2013

Page 4

8. New Business 

AGM: The AGM will be held September 25 at Heliconian Hall. It is hoped a pre meeting announcement and some information will be distributed across the area 3 weeks prior. 

Motion: To spend up to $1500.00 for the AGM and notices of it.

Moved: Diane Dyer

Seconded: John Caliendo

Disposition; Carried

Web Site: While the web site is functioning very well, thanks to web master Barbara Moore, it would be good to have some additional design work done on the site to make it more interactive and to add more indexing to carry more searchable information. Ideally would be good to have the additional design work completed before the AGM.

Motion: To spend up to $2000.00 on redesigning the ABCRA web site.

Moved: John Caliendo

Seconded: Mary Helen Spence

Disposition: Carried

Cycling: Genessa Radke reported on the activities of Bike 27 and encouraged ABC to support the bike lanes on Davenport and Bay.

Handicapped Parking: Sian Henck reported that there is a problem with an over abundance of Handicapped Parking permitted cars taking up all the parking on Scollard Street, and that the permits are being used by people who are obviously not handicapped.  Recommendations were made that she contact the local MMP's office and also the city parking permit office.

9. Adjournment 

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

The next meeting is September 12, 2013

After the meeting, Tracy Warne shared his expert analysis of the Directors and Officers Insurance options, especially the ambiguities and loopholes in the language of the policies we were given by Derek Grieve. Tracy indicated the Board would be better served with a general liability policy and has asked Derek Grieve to arrange a quotation on what is required.


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ABCRA Board Meeting 2013 May

Minutes from

ABCRA Meeting

May 9, 2013

Belmont House


Ian Carmichael (Chair & Co-President), Mary Helen Spence, Frank Copping, Judith Orban, Sue Ainley, Liis Palmer, Sam Vise, Tracy Warne, Hugh and Rebecca Winters, Sharon Moncarz, Donna Lacavera

1. Guest Presentation 

Derek Grieve from Hub International made a presentation outlining the benefits of Directors and Officers Insurance for Non-Profit Corporations. The insurance basically protects directors and officers for the decisions they make in the exercise of their duties for the corporation, excluding intentionally any harmful acts.  It covers legal representation costs in court or Human Rights Commission actions brought by other directors, members or volunteers.  It does not cover damages arising from actions only legal fees. He reviewed the premiums, coverage and comparative advantages of four insurance companies and recommended we consider two of the four: Trisura and Travelers. Their premiums are comparable, wording the most inclusive and deductible zero. He will forward their wording for our review.  The policies have a three-year term: payable every year but the rate and the insurability is guaranteed for the term. The policies are written on a "claims made" basis which means they must be in effect when the claims are made rather than when the events in question occur. Also once declared, the policies are taken to be retrospectively in force back to the inception of the organization. The Travelers policy includes $5000.00 per member protection for reinstatement of identity expenses in the case of identity theft, related or not related to duties for the board. The annual premiums are as follows: Trisura, $800 for one million and $1160 a year for two million coverage; Travelers $800 for one million and $1150 for two million coverage.

2. Agenda

The agenda was adopted as printed.

3. Minutes

The minutes were adopted as circulated.

4. BIA Planning - Mary Helen Spence and Linda Chu

The BIA planning sessions April 22 and 23 were well attended by ABC. In fact there were people present from almost every street in the ABC area.  John Caliendo spoke on behalf of ABC. After initial presentations on the project, those present worked in groups to identify on maps of the area the features of specific streets and the issues that require consideration. The next open public meeting with the Planning Partnership is scheduled for the fall. 

The ABC planner Scott Burns has met with the Planning Partnership, Oren Tamir and ABC executive members. The next ABC meeting with Scott will be next week and at that time he will present his suggested workplan and costing for the ABC area portion of the plan.

Minutes from ABCRA Meeting May 9, 2013

Page 2

5. Traffic - Donna Lacavera

Members of the Roxbourough subcommittee  - Sam Vise, Liis Palmer and Sue Ainsley - gave an update on their progress. A neighbourhood meeting was held at Susan Ainsley's home April 27 to acquaint residents of the neighbourhood with the issues and to enlist their support for getting the city to introduce traffic mitigating measures to offset the increase in traffic caused by the installation od the traffic signal at Roxbourough and Yonge.  Sam reported that, despite several requests to the councillor's staff and transportation services, the committee has not been able to get the statistics from the most recent count conducted in January 2013. The committee plans to schedule another meeting with the councillor and to canvass the neighbourhood with a petition in advance of the meeting.

Linda Chu reported that the Pusateris lay-by issue is on the agenda for the city council currently in session.  As of the time of this meeting, the item was still being held and it is impossible to determine if it will get heard in this session or how the final vote will go.  Both neighbourhood associations and the BIA are in favour of its removal. Several alternatives have been considered - including relocating the valet service to Genoa Lane and using bollards to create a flexible removable lay-by. Transportation Service's latest recommendation is to keep the lay-by where it is but reduce it from 4 to 2 car lengths. 

The renovation of Bay Street and the Davenport intersection is delayed due to the lay-by issue.

6. Parks - Mary Helen Spence

Mary Helen Spence reported that she and Judith Orban attended the Parks Committee Meeting to depute in support of the Parks Department Five Year Plan which outlines their broader goals across the city. 

The Councillor has said the city has set aside 4 million dollars for the renewal of Ramsden Park and she would like another million to be raised by residents of the area, Thus far ABC Parks Committee has developed suggested concept plans for the park and has submitted them to the city in the hopes that the ABC plans can influence the city's renewal of the park. The ABC plans go beyond just restoring the park to infusing the restoration with meaning and purpose.  The plans attempt to recapture the history of the park, the significance it has had for the neighbourhood and the city, and actually mark that history and significance permanently in plaques throughout in the park. There is a long list of stakeholders who should be involved in the renewal, but following the Councillor's directive, Mary Helen emphasized it is important to allow the city to take charge of the RFP process and the Parks Department to direct the renewal. The city will begin public consultations in the fall.  Hugh and Rebecca Winters noted that would like to contribute to the restoration efforts and they would be willing to work on the fund-raising effort. Mary Helen provided them with an information brochure about the “Toronto’s Partnership Office” that can facilitate and support fundraising initiatives. 

Minutes from ABCRA Meeting May 9, 2013

Page 3

7. Development - Linda Chu

Linda reported that the Developers at 36 Hazelton are hosting an informal information session for the neighbourhood on Tuesday, May 14 at 7 p.m. The developer is seeking a minor variance at the committee of adjustments, specifically enclosing the south and west terraces on the 7th floor and increasing the height of the building approximately 12 inches.

The OMB appeal of the OPA 203 preserving the view corridor of the provincial legislature will be head July 9, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. o'clock. There are three parties to the appeal, the developers of 21 Avenue road, York Square and the Park Hyatt.

The Masonic Temple has been sold to a software group. The Councillor advised that  they are planning to preserve the heritage features of the building inside and out and to build a couple of stories on top of it.

The decision of 21 Avenue Road is also before the city council currently in session and a decision has yet to be reached.

Concerning 1128 Yonge, Frank Copping reported that residents of Macpherson have been notified of the variances approved by the Committee of Adjustments. ABC has sent a letter to Barry Brooks requesting a meeting to see how the plans will implement the  concessions the developer  promised.

8. Appointments to the Board - Ian Carmichael

Ian reported that the current directors polled by email to confirm officially the appointments of Mary Helen Spence and Donna Lacavera to their current positions as Directors at Large, Mary Helen in the portfolio of Planning and Parks: Donna, in Traffic.

9. AGM and Newsletter 

The AGM will be held September 25 at Heliconian Hall. It is hoped a pre meeting announcement and some information will be distributed across the area 3 weeks prior. 

10 Adjournment

The next meeting is June 13, 2013


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