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Important NOISE meeting at City Hall April 10


Tuesday, April 10  9:30 AM
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Committee Room 1


The Noise Bylaw report of Tracy Cook, Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards is now public and shows we are making progress ! 
The report acknowledged a number of important concerns of the Toronto Noise Coalition (TNC).

It states, in part:
“The NWG (Noise Working Group, which included the Toronto Noise Coalition) meetings highlighted a number of outstanding issues that require further exploration, such as the effectiveness of the general prohibition, challenges with the point of reception measurement, and whether the exemption permit process can effectively mitigate the impact of noise.”
Our hard work has had an impact BUT must continue.

The report acknowledged the complexity of regulating noise and is recommending additional research and consultation.  Staff expects the changes to the Noise By-law to be ready by the third quarter of 2019.
This time must be spent productively and the TNC must remain active and vigilant.
Let’s make this postponement effective and not just a way to defer this controversial issue to after the election. 
Let's make sure that our presence and deputations at the Tuesday April 10th meeting will reinforce the importance of our work.

  • ATTEND THE MEETING - April 10th,Toronto City Hall, Committee Room 1 starting at 9:30 AM
  • MAKE A DEPUTATION - Tell how you are being affected by noise and want better protection.  If you wish to speak you should inform the City by noon on Monday April 9th. Email 
  • EMAIL A LETTER to addressed to the Licensing and Standards Committee.

Some points you may wish to make:

  • Reiterate that the protection of the health and quality of life of all those living, working, playing, studying and conducting business in the city must be the first consideration for a Noise By-Law.
  • Emphasize that the City must expect the noise makers to be responsible to mitigate noise at the source.
  • Recommend that the next stage includes facilitated sessions where industry and the TNC can work co-operatively to help develop effective regulations and mitigation strategies.
  • Advocate for a adequately funded enforcement program that includes escalating fines to discourage offenders.
  • Ask that the City consult with the experts in New York about their experiences and methods.


For further information
See Noise Bylaw Review report LS24

LINK: Agenda Item History - 2018.LS24.1


What the report covers:
The report acknowledges the complexity of regulating noise in our City, where excessive noise from activities such as construction and amplified sound can affect the people live and work here.  It provides a summary of the work accomplished to date and next steps for the review of Municipal Code, Chapter 591, Noise By-Law.  
What the report recommends:
The report recommends further work to resolve outstanding issues, with a report back by the third quarter of 2019 with recommended changes to the Noise By-law.  Included will be additional research to understand issues from the public, procuring an independent acoustical engineering firm to provide a technical review of the current and proposed Noise By-law, better understanding of best practices of other municipalities, as well as the feedback collected from members of the NWG, developing new enforcement procedures and budgetary requirements for ML&S resulting from the reduced role of police resulting from the Toronto Police Transformational initiative, as well as reviewing budgetary impacts etc.  It will also work closely with Toronto Public Health.

See Toronto City News interview with
Ian Carmichael, ABCRA Co-president HERE

APR 4, 2018 4:26 PM EDT