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Wide Open House: Free Lectures & Event at The Royal Conservatory

PDF of Poster HERE

PDF of Poster HERE

ABC Residents are invited to the Royal Conservatory’s 4th Annual Wide Open House, on Sunday, June 25th.
This will be a day filled with free concerts, classes and lessons for people of all ages.   
As part of this event we will have 4 free Music Appreciation lectures, which might interest to you and the association. 
The lectures and titles are listed below:
3pm: Verdi Triumphant, with Wayne Gooding
3:45pm: Forms & Formats in Music with Rick Phillips
4:14pm: Get Happy! The Music of Hollywood’s Golden Age with Jordan Klapman
5:00pm Beethoven and the Power of the Motif  with Clayton Scott

Please feel free to spread the message! For a full schedule for the day, visit I’ve attached a poster in case you would like to see it!
Many thanks,
Shauna Yarnell
Program Coordinator
the royal conservatory school

TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning
273 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON M5S 1W2
416.408.2824 x 363