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NoJetsTO Boat Protest

As the long-time CEO and President of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment I've witnessed the transformation of the Air Canada Centre, the railway lands and our waterfront. New neighbourhoods with entertainment like the Air Canada Centre, residences and green spaces have sprung up where an industrial wasteland once was. But this turn-around story is threatened by an expanded Island Airport.That's why I'm asking you to SUPPORT THE NoJetsTO PROTEST on the lake on Saturday, June 20th - when Queens Quay reopens to big fanfare. Together, we can send a strong signal against jets on our waterfront. NoJetsTO is organizing boats and kayaks for a creative and fun protest that I'm proud to support. Will you join me at 1 PM near the foot of Rees Street.

Please consider making a donation to our fundraising campaign- and claiming a perk in return. We are already two-thirds there. 

Make sure to RSVP for the event itself - we will need people on the water and on land.Thank you for your help,
Richard Peddie