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Public Library Budget Meeting

We have just a few weeks before the 2014 budget for our public library is finalized.

A special two-day budget meeting begins at City Hall at 9:30 am on January 29th.  During that meeting, your Councillor will vote on two items that are crucial to the future of our public library.

When you sign this petition, your city councillor will receive a message from you urging support for the 2014 budget proposed for our public library.  Though it’s far from perfect, the proposal will keep our public library from sliding further back.

More important than the budget is a motion from Councillor Michelle Berardinetti.  She is proposing a study of our public library with the goal of re-investing for the long-term. 

Our public library desperately needs a long-term commitment from City Council to re-invest in our public library. 

If your Councillor gets back to tell you how they intend to vote, please let us know.  

Councillors who declare their support for both the proposed budget for our public library AND the Berardinetti motion will receive our official designation as a Toronto public library HERO!  We’ll be keeping track of their decisions on our website at


Be a hero, sign the PETITION !