Debunking the “Business Case” for relocating the Ontario Science Centre

Scratch below the surface, and there’s clear problems with the province’s math.

This week, Doug Ford’s government struck a deal with the City of Toronto giving the province fuller control over the future of Ontario Place, in exchange for the province taking on responsibility for the DVP and Gardiner Expressway, as well as additional funding for transit and addressing homelessness.

In the wake of this agreement, Infrastructure Ontario has released its business case for a major, and controversial, component of their Ontario Place plans: the closure of the existing Raymond Moriyama-designed 1969 Ontario Science Centre, and its relocation to a smaller, new-build facility at Ontario Place.

Debunking the “Business Case” for relocating the Ontario Science Centre, Canadian Architect, December 1, 2023

Photo: BuBZ at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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