The Musicians in Ordinary for Lutes and Voices Heliconian Series

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After all the pre-Christmas Messiahs and A Baroque Christmas programs, you will have a week off so you will be ready for our annual concert of High Baroque music  with Hallie Fishel, soprano and John Edwards on archlute, with Christopher Verrette and Patricia Ahern, Baroque violins and Borys Medicky, harpsichord. The only new year’s alternative to Strauss waltzes.

For Orpheus’ lute was strung with poets’ sinews,
Whose golden touch could soften steel and stones,
Make tigers tame and huge leviathans
Forsake unsounded deeps to dance on sands.

Two Gentlemen of Verona, 3:2

We still call poems sung to guitars and electronic keyboards lyrics, though the lyre is not often heard in the mp3 format, or even in the modern concert hall. It wasn’t even heard in the chamber music of the Renaissance and Baroque, though they, like the Ancient Greeks they imitated, thought unsung lyric poetry wholly inadequate. For them the lute was the instrument that best accompanied what was a golden age of poetry. Hear music you will hear nowhere else in The Musicians In Ordinary’s 2014-2015 seasons at the Heliconian Hall and at St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto.

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