The Heliconian Club: A club for women in the Arts & Letters since 1909


The Toronto Heliconian Club is the oldest association of its kind in Canada. Founded in 1909 to give women in the arts and letters an opportunity to meet socially and intellectually, the club holds to its original purpose while responding to the changes of contemporary life.

It was formed by professional women in music, writing, painting, and drama who were later joined by those in dance, sculpture, architecture and other professions in or related to the humanities. The members range in age and experience from women who have earned great distinction to those in the early stages of their careers. The Toronto Heliconian Club is unique not only in its Edwardian beginnings and the Victorian architecture of Heliconian Hall but as an enduring meeting place of women in the arts and letters. Membership is open to any professional woman in the arts who meets the qualifications set out in the club’s by-laws. E.D. 1991. M. W. 2004.

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