ABCRA Winter Newsletter

Welcome to ABCRA’s Winter 2023 newsletter. In this edition, we want to share updates and news from the neighbourhood, upcoming events and opportunities to get involved in your City.

What have we been up to? Lots! First off – there’s our new website (you’re looking at it) and we hope you’ll take it out for a thorough test drive and let us know what you think. We’re especially happy about the new Advocacy section, which brings together many of the letters and reports we’ve written on residents’ behalf, and which helps document how things evolved in the neighbourhood and where ABC has made (or has tried to make) an impact.

Also in the newsletter – reports on various development proposals in the works, the Avenue Road safety report and proposals to immediately address some key safety issues, City proposals for bars and restaurants, updates on the noise by-law review, update on the Downtown Construction Hub and some upcoming events and opportunities to support local organizations.

Read the ABCRA Winter 2023 Newsletter.

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