A Plea for Respect and Reason – Reject the proposal at 100 Davenport

Invitation to Media: Protecting the Sanctity of Belmont House: A Plea for Respect and Reason –  Reject the proposal at 100 Davenport. 

We cordially invite you to attend the Ontario Land Tribunal hearing scheduled for Tuesday, October 31, to hear expert testimony on the profound impact of sunlight deprivation on seniors’ mental health and overall well-being, as we defend the vulnerable residents of Belmont House who have been fighting an overzealous development at 100 Davenport for over 20 years.

Event Details: Date: Tuesday Oct 31, 2023  Time: 2:00PM EST 
Location: (was an online meeting)


Belmont House, with its roots dating back to 1852, has been a cornerstone of compassion in our neighborhood since its relocation to Belmont St. in 1860. It stands as a beacon of hope, offering 140 long-term care beds and 81 seniors assisted living apartments. The mission of Belmont House has always been crystal clear: to provide exceptional care in an environment that fosters safety, comfort, and a sense of belonging.

For the 4th time in 21 years Diamante Development Corporation has upended the community and leadership at Belmont House and has appealed to the OMB, LPAT, and now the Ontario Land Tribunal for a matter we believed was settled. They have lost twice and won once – and yet they continue to refuse to complete a project that gave them an “as of right” to build a tower to the south of their site (76 Davenport, “The Florian”, completed) and a 5-floor building adjacent to Belmont House (100 Davenport).”  

The current proposal looming over Belmont House threatens the limited sunshine that is vital for the well-being of our elderly residents, especially those with limited mobility. Denying them these basic rights is a disservice to the very people who have shaped our community.

Expert Testimony:

We are grateful that Dr. Ancoli-Israel, a Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Professor of Research at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, a leading expert in the field of geriatric health, will share her extensive knowledge on the relationship between sunlight, mental health, and the overall quality of life for seniors. With years of research and practical experience, Dr. Ancoli-Israel will provide valuable insights into how the absence of sunlight due to shadow impact can contribute to a decline in mental health among seniors, impacting their sense of belonging, happiness, and overall cognitive function.

We look forward to your presence at this significant event, as we collectively work to promote awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by our senior citizens and advocate for their right to a dignified and enriching quality of life.

The ABC Residents Association, 
Ian Carmichael and John Caliendo, 

Photo: rendering showing proposed 19-storey condo at 100 Davenport (City of Toronto application files)

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