ABC Residents Association

The ABC Residents Association is a volunteer organization committed to enhancing the quality of life in our neighbourhood through participation in municipal issues. We serve the residents living in Toronto’s Yorkville/North Midtown community.

Castle Frank Brook

Digging up the past for future benefit: the lost waterways of Toronto

ABCRA’s own “lost brook” had an important role in shaping our neighbourhood.

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Gardiner Expressway at downtown Toronto

Europe’s urban advantage leaves us in the shade

Every time I come home from a trip to Europe, I feel a little ashamed. Ashamed and perplexed. Why is everything so much better over there? The parks, the public transit, the highways, the squares, the museums – even the garbage bins are better than ours.

Arriving in Toronto, where I live, feels like crossing into the East Bloc from the West during the Cold War. Everything looks so shabby. The main route into downtown from the airport is in scandalous shape. Rusting guardrails. Garbage and weeds on the shoulders. Potholes and bumps. The inbound drive along the Gardiner Expressway is like a ride on a decrepit roller coaster…

Dogs playing off-leash

Dog Off-Leash Areas – have your say

Toronto’s Dog Off-Leash Areas (OLAs) play a vital role in our community. They’re not just spaces for our furry friends to frolic; they’re hubs of social interaction, exercise, and shared experiences. However, they can also create noise disturbances and impact the park experience for other users. 

The city of Toronto is conducting a review of Dog Off-Leash areas to try and better balance these impacts, and your input is important.

15-19 Bloor W. and The One, at 1 Bloor West

Seven new ‘supertall’ buildings are coming to Toronto — is that a good thing?

Toronto could soon have the fifth highest number of mixed-use residential supertalls in the world, alongside cities like NYC and Hong Kong.

The supertalls, defined as being more than 300 metres tall by global non-profit Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), have divided housing observers.

Image by ArthurHidden on Freepik

Toronto can learn from Hoboken and make Avenue Road safe

The death of an 89-year-old pedestrian in 2017 was the last straw for the mayor of Hoboken, N.J. ““I felt it wasn’t acceptable.” Hoboken, New Jersey hasn’t had a traffic fatality in 7 years.

Running below one of Toronto’s most historic neighbourhoods, the pathway located on the south side of the road can be followed from Park Road to Bayview Avenue.

The ravine next to Rosedale Valley Road is an unusual escape in the middle of Toronto

Rosedale Ravine Lands isn’t tucked away in a forest like some of the other walks in the city but the stretching pathway that follows the Rosedale Valley Road makes for a picturesque stroll in its own right.

Running below one of Toronto’s most historic neighbourhoods, the pathway located on the south side of the road can be followed from Park Road to Bayview Avenue.

One Roxborough

Someone in Toronto just bought a huge $18M condo and it’s pretty spectacular

One of the most expensive condo units in Toronto history has been purchased for a whopping $18 million — and it doesn’t even exist yet.

An undisclosed buyer has scooped up a luxurious penthouse unit on the top floor of a proposed boutique condo development at 1086 Yonge Street, known as One Roxborough West.

Councillor Dianne Saxe at Planning and Housing Committee, January 29, 2024

The Annex Residents’ Association features Councillor Saxe in action at City Hall

Councillor Saxe did the most magnificent job fighting for the Annex at this past Monday’s Planning and Housing Committee meeting – a committee on which she doesn’t actually sit. We’ve got an articulate legal mind as our representative. If you’ve got some time, then watch the YouTube archive of the meeting to watch the discussion as it unfolds and to see her champion our interests.

The One - rendering showing building in Toronto skyline

Skyscraper makes the top 10 in list of most exciting projects set to complete in 2024

Construction edutainment outlet The B1M recently released a video rounding up what it considers to be the most exciting projects due to complete in 2024.

Among them, the monolithic 91-storey skyscraper under construction at Yonge and Bloor, known as The One, took the #7 position and was the only North American construction project to make the top-ten ranking.

Yorkville Toronto high rise and street corner.

Five neighbourhoods in Toronto expected to transform the most in 2024

The 2020s will be remembered as a historic period of transformative change in Toronto thanks to the forthcoming completion of new transit lines and some of the tallest buildings under construction in all of Canada. But that’s just the bigger picture, …
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